Water Nexus believes it can empower societies, communities and enterprise by providing advance and affordable water systems and technology. Water is a vital economic and social development resource. Without clean water, progress is impossible.

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.
— W.H. Auden

About Us

Water Nexus is a Singapore-based water technology and system company that provides affordable products to ensure the delivery of safe and clean water.

We are committed to fulfill our purpose and be an integral contributor to social development and economic progress as a water technology company.

Supported by a team of water technocrats and industry experts, Water Nexus aims to be the leading hybrid water system supplier in the Southeast Asian region.

Management Team

Dr. Adrian Yeo
Senior Consultant for Water Technology

Dr. Yeo was recipient of Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award in 2012 in recognition of his accomplishments in water membrane research technology and service to humanity. For six years, he has also worked with students to bring clean water to more than 100,000 people living in water-scarce parts of Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia with the same water filter invention. Dr Yeo also helped raise awareness of water issues at educational institutions back in Singapore.

He previously work as management and technical consultant for De.Mem, a leading water technology company based in Singapore. Presently, Dr. Yeo is a senior consultant for Water Nexus companies in Singapore and Philippines. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Ph.D in CEE from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Simon Fenley
President and CEO

Mr. Fenley is executive director of  Essential Living SE Asia Pte Ltd for the more than 25 years.

He previously held management positions in Gemma Development & Services Ltd, WM Goode Ltd, The Good Life Restaurant Pte Ltd, The Work Sanctuary Pte Ltd and Aromaspa International Pte Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Production Engineering from Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Napoleon Almonte
Business Development Consultant

Mr. Almonte been a business development and corporate communications consultant for more than 10 years. He has worked for distributed companies in United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and the Philippines.

Mr. Almonte holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from De La Salle University and a Masters of Development Communication from the University of the Philippines.


Our Ceramic is a proprietary multi-channel ceramic membrane plate designed to remove suspended particulates, colloidal material, bacteria and high molecular weight material with a pore size of 0.5 micron.


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